How to Choose Personalized Silver Cufflinks?

If you're landing in this website, I guess it would be fair to assume that you want to buy a sleek set of cufflinks, personalized silvercufflinks, but you don’t know where to start. 

Cufflinks may seem like a small accessory, but they speak volumes about your personal style. Why do you think that is?

Because they’re all about attention to details. Think about it:

Cufflinks, small as they may be, act as a simulacrum of your general aesthetic. Are you going to a prom? Are you going for an executive meeting? Personalized silver cufflinks are necessary to exhibit that you truly understand your wardrobe.

But how do you go about choosing these personalized silver cufflinks?


In this article, I’ll give you a rundown of all the factors you need to consider before getting personalized silver cufflinks for any occasion. But first, to whet your curiosity, I’ll get into a little history on cufflinks in general.


History of Silver Cufflinks

A cufflink, as you probably know, is the ornamental fastener used to fasten the ends of shirt cuffs. But where did it all start?

Cufflink shirts originated during the early 16th century. At the time, they were simply pieces of strings holding cuffs together.

Eventually, the strings were replaced with sleeve buttons which would be held together with a short chain.

Finally, by 1715, these cuff strings were refined into fine decorative studs connected by silver or gold links. We now know of them as silver cufflinks.

Now that you understand a brief history of cufflinks, read on to find out how to pair the right personalized silver cufflinks with your outfits.


Factors to Consider when getting Personalized Silver Cufflinks

The following are a certain set of factors you should keep in mind when choosing your cufflinks. These will help you get just the right personalized silver cufflinks for yourself.


1. The Occasion

What’s the main occasion or purpose for your silver cufflinks? Where will you wear these silver cufflinks?

Is it for a formal occasion, or is it informal? Is it an official event? Is it a wedding? Is it a Christmas party?

These are all relevant questions you need to understand and answer. Different events call for different styles. As such, occasion is the first thing you need to think about to get personalized silver cufflinks.

Formal events should ideally be accompanied with subtle silver and gold cufflinks. You should go for something minimalist and classy, something that looks expensive without being opulent.

It’s even okay to get sterling silver engraved cufflinks or silver cufflinks studded with crystals. But it shouldn’t get any flashier than that.


Now, what about informal gatherings and parties?

For those, you can really go all out with your creativity! Your sole focus should be to stand out from the crowd.

You can choose something that goes along with a personality. However, feel free to get personalized silver cufflinks that are loud or ostentatious.

You can even get silver cufflinks dotted with crystals and colored jewels!


2. The Shade

You’ve decided whether you want something subtle or loud, depending on the occasion. Now, you need to focus on the shade of your silver cufflinks.

Of course, the cufflinks will mostly be silver. However, even within that, you can choose to introduce hints of a second shade that compliments your general attire.

Ideally speaking, cufflinks should match your shirts. That’s the general rule.

If you’re wearing a white shirt, you’re free to experiment with any shade at all.

If you’re wearing a blue shirt, you can get personalized silver cufflinks dotted with blue.

Alternatively, if you’re wearing a pink shirt, you can get personalized silver cufflinks with light pink ribbons threading around it.

People often get confused when considering the right cufflink shades to go with patterned or multicolored shirts. For example, what can you possibly wear with a paisley shirt?

In that case, you should focus on creating a contrast to make sure the silver cufflinks don’t get lost in the general explosion of colors.

Depending on the occasion and the general color palette of your attire, you can experiment with several secondary colors.


However, you should observe one vital rule:

You can get personalized silver cufflinks with a secondary shade. However, don’t ever go beyond that. You don’t want to end up looking like a mystic with multicolored jewels on your cuffs.


3. Your Interests and Personality

Finally, if you’re getting personalized silver cufflinks, feel free to add a personal flavor to it. Your cufflinks should be an accurate representation of who you are.

A lot of people enjoy novelty personalized silver cufflinks.

Some people enjoy getting sporty cufflinks. Some people get personalized silver cufflinks in the shape of anchors or ships to remind them of the nautical life. Some even get sterling silver engraved cufflinks that bear their own or a loved one’s name.

The possibilities here are endless. You can feel free to experiment with different styles.


However, novelty personalized silver cufflinks are alsoextremely controversial. While some love it, others hate it.

The detractors often say that you should always avoid novelty cufflinks. I don’t personally agree with this, however, I’m mentioning this anyway in case you do.

The major drawback of a novelty cufflink is that it can be temporal. It might catch your eyes immediately and make you whip out your wallet, but the ‘novelty’ of it may prove short-lived.


In addition to that, novelty personalized silver cufflinks may not be appropriate for a lot of occasions.


As such, you should purchase these with a lot of forethought, and avoid getting these as a gift for someone else.



Cufflinks are the perfect accessories for all occasions. However, to make yourself stand out, get personalized silver cufflinks.

They remain evergreen and everlasting, and they also represent you better than the alternatives.

However, to get the perfect personalized silver cufflinks, you should follow the general factors I’ve listed out above.

And if you feel like breaking any of my rules, go ahead and do it! Follow your own muse and keep looking stylish.