What Does Your Cufflinks Says About You

How to chose your cuff links, what mistakes you'd better avoid, how to look stylish without overdoing it?

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Cufflinks For Men: What Do Your Cufflinks Say About You?

Cufflinks for men are a great accessory. Though their main purpose is to hold your shirt cuffs together, they can be used for creative purposes as well.

Men usually have limited opportunities to express their style and personality. Cufflinks, although small, can say a lot about the type of person you are, your sense of humour and your mood on any given day.

With a diverse collection of cufflinks, you'll be prepared for any occasion.

It's important to show respect for dress codes and whether it's a day in the office, a formal black tie event, a christening or a fun night out with friends; there is a general standard of dress and presentation that is expected.

Meeting these expectations right down to selecting an appropriate pair of cufflinks, shows respect for the event organiser or the people with whom you work and socialise with.

Selecting the right pair of cufflinks shows that you take pride in your appearance and have high regard for the people around you.

In turn, quality is very important when it comes to choosing cufflinks. Your choice of cufflinks should be made carefully.

A quality set of cufflinks will always make a good impression. Regardless of style, make sure your cufflinks are clean, untarnished and free from scratches.

Purchasing cufflinks from a quality store will ensure that they stand up to everyday wear and tear so that you can enjoy wearing them for many years to come.

Updating your collection of cufflinks regularly is a great way to show off your love of style and fashion.

As with clothing and other accessories cufflinks do follow the seasonal trends.

Paying attention to the detail of your cufflinks will certainly complete your look and ensure that every aspect of your outfit is on trend.

Add a dash of colour by incorporating bright cufflinks that jump out against a shirt and jacket in neutral tones.

If fashion is not your flavour then perhaps you might prefer to use your cufflinks to indicate your mood, your hobbies or your interests.

We suggest that you have fun with a range of different cufflinks that can be worn according to how you're feeling on any given day.

Choose striped cufflinks for a serious day in the office. A classic silver pair of cufflinks is perfect for a special occasion such as a wedding or black tie gala dinner.

Show your love of surfing, golf or beer through the use of novelty cufflinks that offer a more relaxed vibe suited to a casual day in the office or perhaps a long lunch with friends.

As you can see, these small accessories can make a big statement. So next time you wear that cufflink through a French cuff, think about what your cufflinks say about you and make sure you have chosen the right pair.

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